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Lotus Notes to Sharepoint Migration now simple through REST API and Node.JS Technology

    1. Core service - This REST API provides access to resources not specific to any one service domain. For example, most applications have a requirement to read information about authenticated user passwords (last change date, expiration date, etc). Since this requirement is not specific to any one particular REST service (calendar, mail, etc.), this feature is included in the Core services. The resources currently available from the Core services include the password statistics resource (pwstats) and nonce resource.
    2. Data service - This is a REST API that accesses databases on Domino servers. The Domino data service receives requests and sends responses using HTTP and HTTPS protocols with body content in JSON format. The data service allows you to obtain information on databases, views, folders, and documents. You can update, add, and delete documents.
    3. Calendar service - This is a REST API that provides resources and methods to access calendar data. The service represents calendar data in both JSON and iCalendar format.

Domino document as REST API :


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