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Solution for Fix Domino Directory $Users view corruption

As you all aware we faced NAB $Users corruption issue. There are few things we needs to take care in this kind of issues in future.
1. If you found any view corruption issue on any Server NAB view. Please first disable the NAB replication.
2. Then check if Admin Server NAB copy is healthy. If yes then enable the replication on NAB corrupted Server and push/replicate the NAB from Admin Server to corrupted NAB Server.
3. If corrupted NAB view not repaired then delete (from design view) corrupted view and push again from Admin server.
4. If Admin NAB view also corrupted, then check other Servers also.
5. If all servers NAB view corrupted then restore latest backup and copy on Admin Server then push from there to all Server.
6. Never copy/paste any view.
7. As Prod environment having multiple Server address book (DA), need to run these commands to update DA view table.
show xdir
show xdir reload
8. Optional commands need to run, if required.
load updall names.nsf -t "($users)" -R
load updall names.nsf -t "($groups)" -R
load updall names.nsf -R
Show nlcache reset