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we are not able to connect the ODBC in new Lotus Domino server

Isuue :

After windows server migration , we are not able to connect the ODBC connection issue new Lotus Domino server. So we have to find out solution for connectivity problems.
Meanwhile we have to test/connect to OLEDB instead of ODBC connection in server( only for time being in UAT server). So that we can verify the other links and test the application in UAT. To change the above connection we need to save the script library (sl_DataTransfer) with agent signerID. 

This is regarding your ODBC connection issue on WFIDUAT server, I have checked and find out Server OS version is Windows 2008 64 bit, where as Domino version is 32 bit. By default, when we are creation ODBC connection it will be created on ODBC 64 bit version and not compatible with 32 bit Domino version.

Issue : 32 bit ODBC connection is required instead of 64 bit.

Solution : We have created 32 bit ODBC connection,