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TrePium is an information technology and lotus notes consulting company. We are specialize in IBM Lotus Notes development consulting and Lotus notes administration consulting and security for IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, XPages consulting, IBM Lotus Traveler consulting for mobile devices and Mobile App development on Java and Node.JS applications that deliver business critical content and services. Our expertise is database integration, IBM collaboration solutions, and Business workflow automation and artificial intelligence applications.

TrePium Technologies Pvt. Ltd incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) Govt. of India. CIN No.U72200DL2018PTC330650 is a Lotus Domino consulting firm that specializes in groupware development and administration. IT Infrastructure services in the areas of Customer Experience, Capital Markets, Digital & Enterprise Transformation.

Competitive Advantage

Employees only senior-level consultants with a minimum of 12 years of industry experience each. We have significant experience in IBM Lotus Domino development, Application and Server migration, remote-access, security and other IBM Domino administrative areas. we have a deep understanding of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and web technologies (Java, JavaScript, lotus script, XPages, Business Mashups, Themes, C++, Node.JS Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), DHTML, HTML, AJAX, and Web 2.0 technologies).

IBM Domino v10 with Mobile App

IBM continues to innovate IBM Domino and IBM Notes. The new release of IBM Domino v10 is proof. IBM Notes v11 is not far behind. With added iPad support, node.JS and so much more, get ready to be wowed! Now with node.JS built right into the server, Domino web development and mobile application has never been easier.

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud

With your IBM Domino applications on the IBM Cloud or Private cloud, you can focus on innovating and developing your mission-critical applications. We'll take care of the underlying Domino infrastructure or maintenance of applications. TrePium will also provide backups, upgrades, cloud reports, stats and more. Enjoy peace of mind as TrePium maintains, supports, and monitors your IBM Domino environment, all while lowering your total cost of ownership 20-60%

How IBM Traveler Works? IBM XPages NoSQL Database.

IBM Lotus Traveler provides automatic, two-way sync, over-the-air syncing between IBM Domino servers and mobile wireless handheld devices, including IBM Verse Mobile clients on Android and Apple iOS and select mobile devices running the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol (for example, Apple iOS Mail). IBM Traveler syncs mail, calendar and address book data in real time. On some select clients, To Do data is also synchronized. New mail messages from the IBM Domino server has arrive on your mobile device automatically and can trigger a notification event, such as a tone or a device vibration. Updates made on the device, such as sending a new mail message or changing a calendar entry or approintmenr, sync with the server as soon as a network connection is available. IBM Traveler provides a simple, easy-to-use interface with a minimal number of configuration settings require. You can customize how much data is synced with the mobile device to optimize the use of mobile device memory and communication bandwidth.

Combine the IBM XPages NoSQL Database with an Lotus Notes Application IBM XPages NoSQL Database for Bluemix cloud application is a service that adds a fully provisioned Lotus Domino database to your Lotus XPages Bluemix application. Use the IBM Bluemix dashboard or the Cloud Foundry command line tool to create an application and bind an XPages NoSQL Database to it.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence industry is a very fast emerging technology, with MATLAB Machine Learning (Discover patterns and build predictive models) being the most widely used Artificial Intelligence. The whole idea has been to improve and develop software’s and machines. In short teaching computers the techniques of learning like the way humans do is Wide and Deep Learning and Machine Learning . This combines the power of memorization and generalization. Deep learning is one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence systems. There are multiple Artificial Intelligence systems of different applications like Acquire, process, and analyze images and video for algorithm development and system design, Natural Language Processing, Speech recognition and so on. Neuroscience Process and analyze data, drive experiments, and simulate models of brain circuits.

We conduct state of the art research on a wide range of algorithms, from deep learning and reinforcement learning to systems neuroscience, towards the goal of building Artificial General Intelligence. This is applicable to solve various problems such as Speech recognition, search in Photos, facial recognition, fraud detection in banks and the smart reply feature in Inbox.

From Big Engineering Data to Insights Using MATLAB Analytics: Software and internet companies are in a race to extract meaningful information from big data. MATLAB® products can enable computer scientists and data analysts to quickly convert the information found in big data into valuable insights.


Our team of experts bring along decades of valuable collective experience in developing and securing robust applications, software and websites.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

We will develop Big Engineering Data to Insights Using MATLAB Analytics, Cognitive Automation For Any Business Process.Understand NLP, Enrich Fuzzy Logic, Cognative Automation, Embedded Analytics, Pre-Built Bots

IBM Xpages Consulting

We will develope IBM Xpages web development with enrich of JavaScript, Ajax, the Dojo Toolkit, Server-side JavaScript, and JavaServer Faces. XPages leverages IBM Lotus Domino functionality, like its NoSQL document-oriented database.

IBM Domino Consulting

We are provinding IBM Domino installing, configuration, managing and supporting IBM Lotus Domino servers for over 17 years. We make sure our system administrator are certified in the latest versions of products that we support so that as a team.

IBM Traveler Consulting

We are provinding IBM Traveler installing, configuration, managing and supporting IBM Traveler servers for over 8 years. IBM Traveler is push email software designed to provide quick, secure access to email, calendar and contacts from a wide range of mobile devices or tablets.

IBM Sametime Consulting

We are provinding IBM Sametime installing, configuration, managing and supporting IBM Sametime servers for over 7 years.IBM Sametime is a unified user experience for instant messaging, online meetings, voice, video, data and more.

IT Support Services 24x7

We are provinding end user support through remote our support erea is IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Sametime, IBM TRaveler and Application Support for installing, configuration, managing.we can provide you the best possible support for your IT infrastucture environment.

Why choose us?

Senior-level consultants with a minimum of 12 years of industry experience each. We have significant experience in IBM Lotus Domino development, Application and Server migration, remote-access, security and other IBM Domino administrative areas.

Lotus Notes Migration

Domino migrating them to Data Center by following the below steps for business applications.

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Lotus Notes Consulting

Managing User management activities like registering, renaming, recertifying, deleting, moving users to new certifier, moving user's mail files.

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Why Domino?

management and it can be difficult to provide them with information to answer the question in an easy to understand format.

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Each talented team member is conversant with his domain expert. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of providing you with the best returns on every investment and building loyalty across every touchpoint.

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We are perfect in understanding the Requirement of a client and after that give a best solution to the client in a meaning full environment. We perceive IT world to be a world of learning newer opportunities.

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